About Us

We strive to bring new technology to our clients and to expand our list of available services and expertise.

Established in 1996, eliquidMEDIA is a cutting edge internet development company who leverages web technology to its fullest capabilities. We are a full Managed Services and Multimedia company, we offer IT Consulting, Online Marketing, Website and Application Hosting, Website Design, Application Development, Print Design, Database and e-Business solutions.

About fluid

Let productivity and sales flow with fluid Shopify apps!

Through the years in developing e-commerce solutions, we found key components very time consuming. Simple things like changing prices and pictures, and high volume searches through thousands of products, were slow and cumbersome. Through research and development we created amazing apps to cut down on time editing and also to allow our customers the ability to search through thousands of products in just a few clicks.

fluid Shopify apps are easy to install and easy to use, you do not need to be a developer to use these apps. What once took hours to change, like pictures and prices will now only take minutes with the fluid Mass Price Changer and fluid Mass Picture Changer. As the old saying goes "Time is money," the more time you save = more money.

A consumer wants what they want, and they want it quickly. Most consumers do not have the patience to spend hours browsing through your merchandise just to find one item. The average consumer will visit multiple sites to find exactly what they are looking for. Our fluid Pinpoint Filter and fluid MMY (Make, Model, Year) Filter will allow your customer to pinpoint exactly what they need in dropdown boxes. Our MMY Filter enables your customer to choose the year, make, model and sub-model of their vehicle in seconds. Our Pinpoint filter offers up to six search capabilities in dropdown boxes, allowing your customer to find exactly what they are looking for in just a few clicks.

Here at eliquidMEDIA we love to learn. We share fun facts with each other and "Did you know?" is something you hear many times a day in our offices. With the app fluid Snippets, you can add snippets of information to your pages using tags. For example, if you sell jeans, you can add a snippet of information about Calvin Klein whenever someone searches for Calvin Klein jeans. If you own a bookstore, you can add a snippet about what book was on top of the bestseller list in the year that book was published. The sky is the limit with our fluid Snippets!