fluid Snippets

  • Display and share information snippets on your web site
  • Easy set up
  • Increase SEO performance

Information is everything!

  • Our Snippets tool allows information to be displayed on your site according to tags.
  • Every time one page is displayed, you have the ability to show customers information regarding that loaded page content.
  • Increases your website's SEO performance and will increase your website's presence.
  • The Snippets app can display randomly up to 5 snippets for every term.
  • Build your own snippets knowledge base directly in the app page or import a simple .csv file into the app admin page.

Mobile ready

All our apps are mobile ready and friendly. You can run your store virtually from anywhere!

Live app demo

fluid Snippets can be found on every product page at:
  BC Racing USA ( https://store.bcracingusa.com/ )

Let's use a vehicle search for our example. As you search for an automobile brand, each time a product associated to that brand is displayed, our snippet app randomly displays one of three information "snippets" associated with that brand.

Simply search any brand and as long as you've tagged the brand, your snippets will display on the page.

You can share interesting facts about the brand tagged. As your customers search through products associated with this brand, the snippets change randomly.

Would you like to promote an upcoming brand sale? You can tag the brand and create a snippet outlining that upcoming promotion.

You can also use our app to add important FAQ content. For example, every time a customer loads a page, you can explain specific shipping information, return policies related to a specific brand, cleaning instructions and technical information.

With our Snippets App, as search engines inspect your content, it will create more relevant information and you will enhance SEO results. This will rank your page higher on search engines results.

With our fluid Snippets app you can inform, promote and increase SEO results with optimum efficiency.

Fluidity, that's our motto

Through the years we found that some tasks can be very time consuming. We also detected the importance of having a structured SEO so web sites can be found and better ranked in the search results page, converting into traffic and by consequence, sales. And as the old saying goes: "Time is money"!

Let your productivity and sales flow with fluid Shopify apps.

Easy / 2 Step Install (after installing the app in your store)

Step 1 - Add one line of JS.

Step 2 - Save & test your theme.