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Our robust apps created for Shopify's ecommerce platform to help you maintain and update your products with ease.

fluid Pinpoint Filters

Shopify App: fluid Pinpoint Filters

Help your shoppers find what they're looking for with easy, intuitive and fast dropdowns. Create a hierachry of up to 6 levels to to search.

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fluid Mass Picture Changer

Shopify App: fluid Mass Picture Changer

A powerful tool to help you take control of your store's product images. Search for and change product photos in bulk.

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fluid Mass Price Changer

Shopify App: fluid Mass Price Changer

Change prices in bulk based on product tags or keyword searches. Ideal for campaigns, special promotions and store maintenance.

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fluid MMY Filters

Shopify App: fluid MMY Filters

Browse thousands of car models in just seconds. The Dropdown helps your shoppers search for their vehicle by Make, Model, sub-model and year.

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fluid Snippets

Shopify App: fluid Snippets

Dynamically display snippets of information on your product pages based on tags you define within the app knowledge base.

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Setupfy Services

Shopify Store Setups, Theme Branding, and Custom App Development.

We've been deliviering website design and advanced application developments to our clients for 20 years. Whether you're a startup or an established business, we're equipped to create an exciting online ecommerce experience for your customers. Our dedicated team of designers and developers will take from you from start to finish.

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Do you have something to sell? Setupfy can get your store up and running!

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